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Jail Information




Female Inmates              9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.           Wednesday & Sunday

Male Inmates                 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.          Wednesday & Sunday


  •  All visitors must sign the visitation log on the counter before visiting an inmate.
  • You must be listed on the inmate’s visitor list to visit an inmate.
  • Visitors may be asked to provide photo identification.
  • Each inmate is allowed ONE 20 minute visit each visitation day.  This visit can be split between up to five approved visitors. Only one visitor per inmate in the visitation room at a time. NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED.
  • Nothing can be brought inside the jail when you are visiting an inmate.  This includes purses, packages, sacks, books, food, beverages, etc.  Any visitor who attempts to bring any unauthorized item into the jail may be permanently denied visitation in the Robertson County Jail, and may be subject to criminal prosecution.
  • There is no smoking allowed in the front lobby or in the visitation room.
  • Small children will be kept under control and not allowed to interfere with other visitors.  If you are unable to control your child/children, you will be asked to remove them from the building.
  • If a visitor becomes unruly or does not leave when asked to do so by jail personnel, he/she will not be allowed to visit an inmate again.

Tifani Witherspoon, Jail Administrator



  • Only Law Enforcement personnel, Sheriff’s Office employees and service technicians are permitted in the jail unless approved by the Sheriff.
  • No mail will be hand delivered to an inmate.  All mail must be received through the postal service. No greeting cards will be delivered to the inmate, please do not mail them! 
  • All mailing should be addressed as follows:                                           
Robertson County Sheriff's Office
(Inmate Name)
PO Box 1109 
Franklin Texas 77856

The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office NO longer accepts money orders on inmate accounts.  To add money to an inmate account or to order commissary to an inmate you can utilize:

  • Internet deposit at LONE STAR COMMISSARY (credit or debit card)
  • Kiosk located in the front lobby of the Sheriff’s Office

To creat an account so that an inmate can make telephone calls please follow this link...

Also please note

  • The Robertson County Jail no longer accepts over the counter medications or money orders for inmates.




If you have additional questions related to the

Robertson County Jail

please call (979)828-3299

or email

attn:  Jail Info

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