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Civil Process Information

NOTICE:  Civil Process fees are set by Robertson County Commissioners Court.
          *Subpoenas   $80.00
          *Summons   $80.00
          *Writ of Attachment $150.00
          *Writ of Garnishment $150.00
          *Writ of Possession $150.00
          *Writ of Sequestration  $150.00
          *Orders of Sale $150.00
Collection of fees on an order of Sale:
         10% up to and including $20,000.00 and 4% for amounts over $20,000.00
          Writ of Possession $150.00
***An additional fee of $30.00 per hour, per officer after 2 hours of service.
           Forcible Detainer $100.00

Service Fees:
            *Small Claims Citation $80.00
            *Justice Court Citation $80.00
     *All Other Courts' Citations $80.00

Other Service Fees:
Writs of Execution $150.00
Collection of fees on Writ of Execution:
         10% up to and including $20,000.00 and 4% for amounts over $20,000.00
Posting Notice in Probate   $20.00
Posting Any Other Notice   $80.00
Executing a Deed or Bill of Sale   $30.00
Cancellation Fee on Order of Sale or Writ of Execution $250.00


With Plaintiff direction to withhold or release levy, withhold collection, cancel or recall writ without collection of judgment and costs, shall include all costs incurred and cancellation fee.

For additional question related to CIVIL PROCESS you may call (979)828-3299 or email  your questions to attn:  Civil Process.

You can also visit the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts site.

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